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How can a person attend Adult Day Care Services of Colorado

We begin admissions with a referral from a doctor or case manager and a preliminary telephone or in-person interview and tour (recommended). During this interview, the participant will determine whether to proceed with an application for admission and ADCS of Colorado will determine whether the prospective participant meets the admission criteria through an informal exchange of information. Upon mutual agreement to proceed, financial arrangements are initiated the same day through Medicaid, long-term care insurance or private payment arrangements, as applicable.

The formal admissions interview takes place once the arrangements for financing are underway. Where appropriate, interpreters, advocates and family members are invited to participate in the interview to ensure that the participant comprehends the information presented as fully as possible and/or that the best interests of the participant are met by the responsible party. A Physician Referral is submitted to the participant’s physician to request critical health information necessary for developing an appropriate plan of care to meet the participant’s needs.

Services usually begin the next day after a PAR form or insurance benefits approval is received. Private payment arrangements usually mean services can begin once the service agreement and approved attendance schedule are in place.

During the first two weeks of attendance, ADCS of Colorado staff observe and record the participant’s adjustment to adult day care services. The Plan of Care is developed using these records, the Physician Referral form and the participant’s demonstrated or stated preferences.

Throughout the admissions process we do everything possible to minimize the burden of procedures for the participant, while collecting information and referrals from appropriate sources.

Participants are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis and without any discrimination based upon personal, cultural or ethnic preference, disabilities or whether or not a participant has formulated an advance directive.

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